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UK Computer Repair

Computer diagnostics

Our experience and use of professional diagnostic tools allows Out of Hours IT to test and diagnose 95% of computer faults within 48 hours. The test includes an assessment of the current state of your computer, as well as the long-term forecast of any faults that have not yet surfaced, but may result in instability or data loss. No separate diagnostic fee will be charged if you choose to proceed with the repair.


One day, it will no longer power up. No blinking lights, no quiet sound of air going through the fans. One day, you will pick up the phone and listen to the waiting music.

“Your call is very important to us. Please hold.”

“Is it plugged in? Have you tried turning it on and off?”

And the most dreaded answer of them all: “I’m afraid this is not covered by your warranty”.


Did you cringe reading this? If you did, then you know the wonders of over-the-phone troubleshooting.

We have good news for you. Out of Hours IT got all the tools and experience to diagnose the problem without
keeping you on the phone for an hour or having your computer sent away to a workshop in Cambodia.